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So You Want A Mini Pig

Thinking of getting a pig? They are cute aren’t they? Have you decided on a micro, teacup or mini? Not sure of the difference? Well there are a lot of differences.

First to consider is the home in which you will be bringing your little one to. Do you live in castle or a shoe? Have other pets, a dragon or a unicorn? Silly questions aren’t they? You see there are no such thing as a teacup or micro pig. It is a misconception used by breeders to make thousands of dollars off of unknowing buyers. Breeders are one of the reasons hundreds of pigs are in need of a new home. This is on a DAILEY basis. Breeders will breed pigs before they are even a year old so when you see the parents they are small because they are babies. They will inbreed and under feed all to keep them small. And what you get is a $3,500.00 sick pig that may live 5 years.

A potbelly pig will weigh between 100-200 pounds, they will grow for 5 years and the life span is 12-18 years. They have a tight bond with their family and do suffer depression. Please do your research and make a life commitment to your pig.

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