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Please Adopt.

People who work with homeless animals are continuously struggling with trying to place them in a forever home. With new animals being added to the waiting list on a daily basis the end never seems close. If you are here because you are going to adopt, Thank you from the bottom of our heart. If you are here because you are considering, please do adopt. It means the world for one animal will be forever changed.

Weather you are considering or have decided to adopt, here are things that may be asked from the rescue.

The first is the question of WHY? Why did you decide on a pet pig? There is no correct answer but it may be a question that is asked to help us to better understand you.

Are you zoned for a pig where you live? Many people have had to rehome due to this problem. Please check with the officials in your area to be sure you are in compliance.

Do you rent or own? If you rent will your landlord allow you to have a pet, and if so will he or she allow a pig?

Are you physically and financially able to support the animal?

Do you have a vet that is knowledgeable on the medical care of pigs? This is a very important question. Don't wait until there is an emergency. Have a back up plan should something happen on a holiday or weekend. Know where to go.

What is your experience and knowledge with pigs? Have you had a pig? What was your experience owning a pig?

What type of area will you provide for your pig? Inside or outside? If inside how have you pig proofed your home? Where will he/she stay while you are out or a night? If they are outside what type of fencing do you have? Shelter?

And last but not least, vacation? Will you be taking your pig with you? If not what is the plan for care while you are away?

These are just some of the things that will be important to both you and the rescue that you are working with.

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